At Kenya Cranes we provide heavy lifting machines, among them are; well maintained cranes of different tonnages and categories ranging from 5 ton to 45,  forklifts that can handle various weight of different items of between 2 ton to 10 ton. Besides there are other lifting machines such as tuff winches, jacks and qualified gang of men who are well train to operate and handle the machineries and equipment. We also have earth moving equipment of various categories ranging from wheel loaders, graders various excavators compactors

If you have a problem a in hiring a crane rental services and forklift. Kenya Cranes is here to help you save valuable time at affordable time with improved efficiency and prevent any risk that may occur to your project. This is better option for your logistics needs in Kenya.

We also provide best equipment with highly qualified operators at a very competitive  rates among them are ;forklift crane rental services, excavator, bucket loader, crawler bulldozers are available with highly qualified operators at a very competitive price. Various construction equipment are also available. For you to get our equipment you are required to be specific in your order this is possible by filling in a questionnaire that will be provided by the company .after short time you will receive a free quote from our well trained personnel. You will be provided with the right construction equipment.

Our lifting equipment are used in various sector in land such as transport and delivery including construction, poles distribution, warehousing, waste recycling and defense.

We also help our customer to enhance their efficiency and productivity. We also guarantee safety and performance of the equipment throughout its life span. Moreover we can operate for you on your site if you so wish. Kenya Cranes being an alround company it is not restricted to specific industries or sector. If in any case a client is in need of something lifted or transported and it occurs that we have it in our stalk we shall have it delivered.

It is preferable that you make us part of your project a soon as you start your project so as to ensure that the set objectives are met.


Take note that we don’t cater for any damages or risks that result from carelessness during usage or transportation of these equipment.


 In most cases cranes are found at construction sites around the world. Most of the towers that we have were built by the cranes specifically the crane tower. Cranes tower are placed in one placed and their major function at a construction site is to lift heavy materials and equipment to desired height during construction among these materials are; concrete and steel beams.


Mast- this the tall part of crane that sticks up in the air, its function is to raise building materials in support of a large base.

Gear and motor –these are found at the top part of the mast, their function is to allow the crane to rotate.

Jib- this is the working arm, it uses trolleys to carry load.

Cranes combines simple machines to lift extremely heavy machines.