5 Crane Machines Types Used In The Construction Sector.

Cranes are extremely strong tools utilized in the construction sector. They are frequently used to raise, lower, and transport things from one location to another. The enormous loading capacities of this big machinery range from one to hundreds of tons or even more. Crane machines are therefore constantly required in a variety of industries, including civil engineering, maritime, equipment manufacture, etc., for large lifting tasks. Cranes are unquestionably among the most crucial heavy equipment used in building operations. However, there are other types of crane machines accessible today that can be used for a variety of tasks, depending on the goal. Here are five different types of construction crane machines that everyone should be aware of.

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  • Cranes in towers

During construction projects, a tower crane machine is the kind of crane that is attached to the ground on a sturdy concrete platform. On any major building sites, you can hardly miss this equipment. This type of crane may reach heights of up to thousands of feet and frequently reaches hundreds of meters into the air with its tower. There is a loading capacity of about 20 tons. Tower cranes are one of the crane equipment that are most frequently utilized in modern construction.

  • Standard crane machines or all-terrain cranes

Nowadays, all-terrain crane machines are among the most sought-after cranes for hire. On public roadways, they may go quickly without any problems. The common cranes used in the construction sector are portable and adaptable. As opposed to other kinds of cranes, they can also be moved around easily to lift huge goods. With a boom length that can extend up to 100 meters, all-terrain cranes can lift a maximum of 1,000 tons.

  • High Up Trucks or Truck Mounted Cranes

A truck-mounted crane, also known as a high up truck, combines a truck (pick up) and a crane. The crane, as its name suggests, is situated on the back of the truck and is especially made to load, offload, and move big materials like cars, containers, and other such items. Additionally, vehicle-mounted cranes or high-up trucks are ideal for a variety of additional applications in building projects, maintaining electricity lines, and more. Truck-mounted cranes may travel from one site to another without the need to carry the crane with special equipment, in contrast to the majority of cranes on construction sites which are static. Many truck-mounted cranes are available for hiring.

  • Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough terrain cranes are one of the multi-purpose devices utilized in the construction business thanks to its four rubber tires, which allow them to easily go off the road. They can travel to untested work locations and maneuver in small areas. Actually, they are the ideal kind of crane equipment for handling your most demanding lifting tasks on treacherous terrains.

  • Crawler Cranes

A crawler crane is often a mobile crane that moves on crawler tracks, which offer high stability in difficult circumstances. For heavy-duty operations in a variety of industries, such as construction, manufacturing heavy equipment facilities, transportation, and more, crawler cranes are suitable. Similar to other crane types, such as truck-mounted cranes, moving a crawler crane from one location to another is highly expensive due to its size and capability. However, this crane’s enormous lifting capability and longer boom than most crane machines are among its best qualities.

Whether you are a civil engineer or not, these are the fundamental and most prevalent sorts of cranes that you should not overlook. For all of your heavy lifting requirements, Kenya Cranes offers a comprehensive selection of cranes that are equipped with a variety of attachments. Reach out to us, and we’ll be pleased to help.