What makes Kenya Cranes the best place to hire forklifts, cranes, and heavy cargo lifters?

Kenya Cranes is most reliable  place to higher cranes, forklifts and heavy cargo lifters because  we provide both electric smooth terrains and diesel rough terrains equipment which are greatly used for  food  production in food processing industries. In addition we also make effort to reach people or equipment in area which are in accessible. This is only done by our company and we have made it possible by the use of mobile elevating work platform. These mechanized access platforms are of different varieties and individual type may be knowns us cherry picker, they are mostly used in construction industries for maintenance purposes.

In addition at Kenya Cranes we take into account the safety of these machine, this is done by our office support staff and the most experienced field teams, we always need that our employees do regular safe practice at their different points of day to day work. This begins from the first day of orientation during the time of hiring the employees, our safety department also work hand in hand with the support staff to enforce practices and procedures that boost the safety of the environment.

At Kenya Cranes we embrace the cultures of setting core values with the aim of breeding success to the company, this is to counteract the possible prevailing economic situations such as increased competition and the ever changing business climate and multiple recessions.

The major reasons as to why we provide superior safety records in our company is because at Kenya Cranes we have a very reliable human resource. Most of our employees are more experienced and this has greatly enhanced our effort in creating a caring family culture.

We have also deliberately made the decisions to specialize in one particular area that is the aerial work platforms and forklifts trucks ,we  are faithful that we this kind of focus  we are able to provide superior safety, efficiency and profitability which makes our customers to have the best experience in our company.

 Also our heavy lifting machines are the largest and most versatile in the industries and can handle varieties of tasks for multiple industries among them are; commercial, manufacturing, automotive, energy and power, oil, gas among others.

Kenya Cranes has the biggest fleet of cranes and transport trailers in the market. These are all available for hire. if in any case our client  has a project that require lifting machines you can contact us and we shall provide all that you need for  the project. Our cranes are readily available and can be used all over the world. All heavy lift equipment both small and big are available at our yard.

Moreover, our  culture  of teamwork ensure that as a plan comes to completion, it is not possibly the result of one person  but it is a combination of our equipment  and collaboration in the team that makes sure that the lift is executed  smoothly and successfully . Our engineers also work together with the executives, project manager to ensure that every aspects of the job is workable.